Planning a presentation

1. When planning a presentation, there are several factors you need to consider. Which of the following is one factor you should consider when initially planning your presentation? A. Saving your work B. Location of audience C. Type of font D. Title placeholder

2. Abby wants to add a hyperlink to her presentation. Which of the following is the correct form for a link? A. B. C. wwwpennfosteredu D. www.pfedu

3. When you’re in the Normal view, what are the visible panes? A. Title and Slide B. Slide and Thumbnails C. Text and Slide D. Placeholder and Subtitle

4. Sue needs to add a header and a footer to a presentation. Which process should she use to do this? A. Click the View tab, and in the Show/Hide group, choose Header and Footer. B. Click the Home tab, and in the Window group, choose Header and Footer. C. Click the Insert tab, and in the Text group, choose Header and Footer. D. Click the Home tab, and in the Insert group, choose Header and Footer.

5. Julie is trying to decide whether or not to add a color scheme to her presentation, and she asks you for advice. You should advise her that color schemes A. are mainly useful in the creation of colorful charts. B. make the design process overly complicated and tedious. C. help to keep a presentation consistent. D. often result in an uninteresting presentation.

6. Using the same formatting elements and designs across slides in a presentation is important to develop what vital quality? A. Fluidity B. Consistency C. Authority D. Efficiency

7. Brian would like to automatically check the spelling in a presentation. To do this, he should select which of the following tabs? A. Review B. Insert C. Home D. View

8. To insert a new slide, which tab option should you select? A. Insert B. Slides C. Home D. Design

9. Performing a spell check can be done by clicking Spelling in which group? A. Grammar B. Syntax C. Proofing D. Editing

10. Which view should you use if you want to look only at the text of the slides? A. Outline View B. Reading View C. Slide Sorter D. Normal View

11. Jane wants to add a chart to her presentation so she’ll click the Insert tab and in the Images group, she’ll click the Chart button. To add a chart to his presentation, Stevie will click the Insert tab and in the Illustrations group, he’ll click the Chart button. Who is/are correctly adding a chart? A. Stevie only B. Both Jane and Stevie C. Jane only D. Neither Jane nor Stevie

12. Tracy inserted one of her favorite photos into a slide presentation. However, the picture is small and needs to be longer and wider. To make the picture larger, which of the following should she do? A. Select the object and use the size handles. B. Double-click on the object and click Size. C. Click the Insert tab and in the Size group, click the Size drop-down arrow, and choose Size Object. D. Right-click on the object and click Size.

13. Which of following allows you to preview a presentation? A. Preview tab B. Slide Show C. Slide Sorter D. Normal view

14. John is creating a presentation. Before he starts, he takes into consideration several aspects that can help to determine how the presentation should be set up. Three of the following are important considerations at this initial stage. Which of the following does John not have to consider when initially creating the presentation? A. Audience size B. Charts C. Consistency D. Location of audience

15. Stuart wants to delete some text from a slide. What should Stuart do? A. Highlight the text to be deleted, right-click and choose Cut B. From the Review tab, choose Highlight text and then press the Delete key C. Choose the Home tab and delete the text D. Highlight the text to be deleted and press the Alt key

16. Cindy wants to merge two cells together. Which of the following best describes the process of merging two cells? A. Highlight the two cells and click the Home tab. In the Paragraph group, click the Merge Cells button. B. Highlight the two cells and click the Home tab. In the Drawing group, click the Merge Cells button. C. Highlight the two cells, right-click, and choose Merge Cells. D. Highlight the two cells and click the Design tab. In the Setup group, click the Merge Cells button.

17. Jane is creating a slide that will have a large heading and a number of bullet points below it. What slide format should she use? A. Title and Content B. Comparison C. Title Only D. Two Content

18. A _______ is a set of commands. A. tab B. slide C. website End of exam D. handout

19. To distribute one or more presentations for use on another computer, which of the following features should you use? A. Action Items B. Slide Show C. Scan a Presentation D. Package Presentation for CD

20. You’re creating a table for one of your slides, and need to make some modifications to your table structure. Which of the following options can you perform by right-clicking inside the table? A. Invoke Excel spreadsheet B. Merge cells C. Create a comment D. Create SmartArt


1. If you sort a portion of an Excel sheet and you get an error message such as #DIV/0, what is a likely cause of the error message? A. One or more cells contain absolute cell references. B. You’re attempting to sort too many cells. C. One or more cells contain relative cell references. D. The cell ranges are incorrect.

2. Arthur needs to copy the formula in cell C13 to cell D13. He needs cell D13 to have the same formula but referenced with a new location. Which type of cell reference should he use? A. Relative cell reference B. Duplicate cell reference C. Mixed cell reference D. Absolute cell reference

3. You plan to use the Fill Down feature on a formula and you need to keep a cell reference the same. Which one of the following formats will allow you to keep the same cell reference? A. E$19 B. $E$19 C. E19 D. $E19

4. The functions you tend to use regularly are listed where on the Ribbon? A. Logical B. Date & Time C. Recently Used D. Text

5. To combine a range of cells into one large cell, you should highlight the cells and choose A. Increase Indent. B. Merge Cells. C. Decrease Indent. D. Wrap Text.

6. After inputting a formula or a piece of data into a cell, what happens to the cell pointer when you press Enter? A. It moves to the next adjacent cell to the right. B. It moves up one cell. C. It moves down one cell. D. It moves to the last cell in the column.

7. Keeping in mind the role the order of precedence plays in equations, what would Excel display as the result of the following equation? =(24+75)/(6*3) A. 28.2 B. 109.5 C. 5.5 D. 198

8. Entering the formula =SUM(C5:C18) in cell C19 will result in which of the following? A. The total of cells C5 to C18 will appear in cell C19. B. Cells C5 and C18 will be added together. C. The total of cells C5 to C19 will appear in cell C19. D. Cells C5, C18, and C19 will be added together.

9. The order of precedence determines A. the properties of the cell reference. B. how values are divided and multiplied. C. the order in which calculations are performed. D. the order in which worksheets are printed.

10. If you’re unsure of what chart to use for a set of data, what feature does Excel include that will help you to decide? A. Sparklines B. Pivot chart C. All charts D. Recommended charts

11. A rectangular range of cells with headings to describe the cells’ contents is referred to as a A. complex formula. B. bar chart. C. table. D. sparkline.

12. Which one of following is an example of a formatted number using the Currency option? A. 7778.92% B. 777892 C. 7,7789.2 D. $7,778.92

13. Joshua needs to join the text in two cells together. Which of the following would perform this function? A. =”Good”&&”Morning” B. =(Good)&(Morning) C. =”Good”+”Morning” D. =Good “&” Morning      NOTE:  Actually, none of these choices are correct (may be a typo from PF). It should be =”Good”&”Morning” or =”Good”&”  “&”Morning” (to make two words with a space between).

14. Helga needs to lay out her newly created pivot table. What are the two ways she can set up a pivot table? A. Helga can slide cells to the four boxes or double-click properties to choose from a list of pivot table options. B. When Helga created the pivot table, Excel automatically put the fields to the appropriate cells of the pivot table. There aren’t two ways to set up a pivot table. C. Helga can check the field or type in the data in the pivot table. D. Helga can drag the fields to the four boxes in the pivot table field list or right-click a field name and choose its location from the shortcut menu.

15. Andrea needs to format the legend on her chart. She clicks on the chart to select it. Which of the following options appears only when a chart is selected? A. Insert B. Page Layout C. Chart Tools D. Review

16. Which of the following processes should Angel use to merge cells A1:D4 to create a title? A. Highlight cells A1:D4, click on the Home tab, and click on the Wrap text icon in the Alignment group. B. Highlight cells A1:D4, click on the Home tab, and click on the Merge cells icon in the Styles group. C. Highlight cells A1:D4, right-click and select Format Cells, click Number, and choose the Merge cells option. D. Highlight cells A1:D4, right-click and select Format Cells, click Alignment, and choose the Merge cells option.

17. Which of the following is an example of a complex formula? A. SUM(A1:A14) B. =150*.05 C. Income – Expenses D. =A1<= A14

18. What category of predefined formulas in Excel contains the Boolean functions? A. Recently Used B. AutoSum C. Logical D. Math and Trig


19. Which of the following is a group of cells chosen to perform an action? A. Data series B. Group C. Range D. Command

20. Sidney works in the accounting department. His boss just assigned him a task that involves creating budget formulas for the company’s payroll expense reports. Sidney will be using Excel spreadsheets to calculate the company’s payroll expense reports. In Excel, what does Sidney need to consider when creating formulas? A. Excel has predefined formulas, so you don’t have to create any formulas from scratch. B. Excel has third-party formulas you can purchase from Microsoft. C. Excel has limited capabilities, so it would be easier to use payroll software for this application. D. Excel performs operations based on the order of precedence.



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